What is Wealth? Influence

Three Degrees of Influence: Plan for ourselves, Provide for others, Influence them to keep giving.

Our Philosophy

To Drive High-Value Solutions, Relationships, and Education

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Process Driven

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The ongoing act of aligning client goals and objectives with intelligent planning. We facilitate ongoing review and communication in person and online using a clear mandate, custom documentation, and an integrated timeline.

Client Relationship

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Be involved. We ask for our client's commitment to be part of the solution and engaging in the process through discovery, implementation, and review. Although meetings are focused on education and opportunity, our relationship is founded on communication and trust in one another.

Wealth Defined

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It's more than money. Wealth is having the freedom to choose how we use our time, and having the capital, security, and influence to enjoy it. Barriers to wealth are only temporary.

A Planning House

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Clear and confident decision making. We facilitate an environment where a client's advisors in accounting, law, banking, and family harmony are all sitting at the same table clarifying options and helping clients make confident decisions.

in Wealth Creation

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Corporate Planning

Helping business owners, entrepreneurs, and self-employed professionals develop and maintain an effective tax structure. We believe in aligning flow of capital with multiple goals including executive compensation, providing for employees, risk management, business continuation and succession.

Personal Planning

Individuals and family orientated professionals looking to coordinate their short and long term goals with the appropriate vehicles. We help clients build wealth and accumulate capital earmarked for the major milestones in their life and the lives of their family.

Retirement Income

Intelligent and systematic disbursement of capital from a variety of sources. Risks include taxation, inflation, mortality, longevity, and client health. We understand there are a lot of moving parts and an ongoing desire to balance maximum income and preservation of family capital, along with individual goals and objectives.

Estate & Legacy

Influence. A vision for clients to be more than themselves by influencing and contributing to their family and community. We specialize in the creative design and implementation of estate structures that provide an ability to give and maintain capital during life and well after death.

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